Shere Masten B.V.

Dear All,

The time has come to say ‘Farewell’ to Arthur. Arthur joined me on 1st April to help setting up Shere Masten BV! Without an office, without a laptop and armed with nothing more than just a couple of CD’s with files and some USB sticks. Arthur was asked to set up and implement a Financial System, an administration and financial structure for Shere Masten I, II, III, IV, Shere Group NL and a bit later Shere Masten BV. Five months have passed and ‘blood, sweat and tears;’ were shed and a lot of hard work done to get us where we are now!

Thank you Arthur!!

I could not have done it without you! It was a huge job for you to juggle time and priorities, to try and design a structure, implement it AND be fully operational at the same time. Well, the structure is in place now and you can hand over to Ferry Beukers who I am sure will be very capable to continue this work and consolidate. I am glad you agreed to be available for a day or 2 to lend a hand in the next month, so it is not ‘Goodbye’, but rather ‘Au Revoir’.

Today Arthur ‘opened’ our ‘demo-site’ (the one we look out to from our offices), by attaching our name plate to the site, so that, when Arthur drives past it form now on, he has a special memory of that site and of the time he spent with us.

Please join me in wishing Arthur, good Luck for his future personal and professional live!

Yvette, Roos, Jean Paul, Sander and Ferry

Hartelijke groet,

Yvette Meijer
General Manager

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